We are now offering the amazing Teoxane Dermaplane Pro Facial treatment at the clinic. This is a fantastic treatment to have either as a one-off prior to an important event or night out or on a regular basis to keep your skin glowing. 

Dermaplaning is a non invasive, painless treatment where surface dead skin cells are manually scraped away using a sterile medical scalpel (I use ones that are specifically made for this treatment). 

The treatment instantly smooths and softens the skin and increases cellular turnover. Dermaplaning removes the fine vellous hairs (peach fuzz) from the face. This hair can trap dirt, oil and dead skin cells which can leave the skin looking dull and can lead to problems with your skin. It's important to know that, contrary to popular belief, removing this hair does not result in the hair growing back thicker or darker, the hair will grow back just as it was before. 
By removing the skin and hair your facial products will work more effectively and your make-up goes on flawlessly. 

Dermaplaning does not cause skin trauma or pierce the skin and has absolutely no down time. 

Express Dermaplane Pro Facial

45 Minutes

Ideal as a deep exfoliation, your skin will be cleansed and exfoliated with Eve Taylor products before the Dermaplaning is carried out. You will then have Eve Taylor serum, moisturiser and SPF applied. 


Teoxane Cosmeceuticals' skincare line has the same crossed-linked hyaluronic acid used in their dermal-filler injections. 

Balancing the codes of premium skincare with the rigor of medical science, Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is an innovative skincare line perfectly adapted and complementary to advanced esthetic procedures.

The teoxane range is paraben and phenoxyethanol free

We stock a small range of the Teoxane Products in the clinic and can order in any additional items at your request. For more information on the Teoxane range visit www.teoxane.com 

Price List:

RHA Miscelar Solution (cleanser)  £21

RHA Serum  £79

RHA x VCIP Serum £89

Advanced Filler (day care moisturiser)  £75

Perfect Skin Refinier (night cream)  £70

Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF 30  £48

R(ll) Eye Contour Cream  £54