Eyebrows are such an important facial feature, perfectly arched and positioned brows

give definition and balance. Often by creating this definition we can acheive a younger, fresher looking face. 


Getting over-enthusiastic with tweezers in our youth is a mistake many of us are guilty of, and pay the price for later on in life. Others may have lost brows due to alopecia, chemotherapy, through the natural ageing process or you may simply feel your brows could be more symmetrical.


Ombre Brows

By using a shading technique, a block look can be achieved giving the same appearance as powdering in your brows. This does not necessarily mean a stronger brow, when using a lighter colour through fair brows it can give a soft, subtle result. The fronts (bulbs) of the brows are softer to gove the ombre appearance. 


Fusion Brows

A combination of microblade hairstrokes and machine shading are used to create a 3D effect  ombre brow, this often gives the best results for those who have some areas of natural brow hair as it helps to blend the hair with the tattoo.



If you have a scar in your brow we can use hairstrokes and shading to disguise the area


Microblading (see Microblading page)

Please note that all after images are taken directly after the procedure and will lighten by 30 - 60% during the healing process