"I had the privilege of meeting Laura earlier in the year when I was a model and had my eyeliner done.

I was a little apprehensive as I had never had any tattooing done before. The first thing that struck me was 

her professionalism and how much time she took both in ensuring her measurments were of the utmost

accuracy but also to keep her client (me) informed of everything she was doing and why she was doing it.

It's very obvious that Laura is very passionate about her job and prides herself in continuing to develop 

professionally and so she should. I have had many different types of procedure over the years both medically and therapeutically and have to say that Laura ranks no.1 in all counts of her care and treatment. I look forward to continuing my treatments with her for many years to come. Perhaps I should also mention I get married in 6 weeks time and Laura working her magic has made me feel like the bride I've always thought I could be."

Anne C



"Last October I had two procedures at Laura Bennett Permanent Cosmetics. Initially my eyebrows were sparse and mishapen, Laura has given them density and definitition which frames my eyes and enhances the permanent eyeliner.The latter has defined my eyes in a subtle manner and the combined treatments have rejuvenated their appearance. Laura is extremely competent and I am more than happy with this new look........lips next?"

Margaret C

"I was looking for natural but defined looking eyebrows which is exactly what I got, my brows are now perfectly shaped. Laura talked me through the whole process beforehand, discussing colour and shape which made me feel completely confident with the experience. I love my eyebrows now...no more pencil for me!"

Jill G

"I fell in love with my sisters semi-permanent eyebrows and knew I wanted mine done but I was nervous about going ahead with it, I mean, it's your face, if it goes wrong or you don't like it, you can't hide it.

From my first appointment Laura was a perfectionist, focused and calming, I was still a bit nervous it was going to hurt...it didn't!. And the result? Well I couldn't stop checking them out in every reflection for days and smiling. I would recommend this procedure to everyone and the fact that it was a fun, relaxing experience really does come down to Laura's professionalism, thank you so much, xxx"

Ina R


"Having semi-permanent make up on my eyebrows has been the best beauty decision I have ever made. Laura was meticulous and paid great attention to detail. I'm absolutely delighted with the results and highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a similar treatment"

Carolyn G


"Laura, I can't thank you enough! I love my new eyebrows and you can't imagine the difference it has made to my life. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you"

Katie F